Friday, March 18, 2011

You Would Never Know Universal Studios Singapore Is One Year Old

If you look in the media or look around Universal Studios Singapore you would never know that USS is one year old. No announcement or even a note on their Facebook page. Why no celebration of this landmark of any theme park.

Why would you want to celebrate when you have nothing to celebrate. USS after one year is still in soft opening. It's taken almost a year to get Battlestar Dueling working again. One of the four major ride,that were to open in 2010, is still not working (Madagascar Crate Adventure) when they said would open in June of 2010.  They are only letting in 12,000 people into the park a day, in a park can hold 18,000.

They have cut back in staff and the wages of the staffs. They can't even get their icon globe to turn. 

USS canceled Halloween Horror night the one month celebration of Halloween for a three night party. Upsetting  a lot of their Annual Pass Holders after the quietly remove the benefit from the AP Holder package of benefit's..Then charging Fun Pass Annual Pass Holders to go to the party.

Resort World Sentosa who runs Universal Studio Singapore, has shown over and over again they have no clue about Guest Services,Promotion of the Park or Public Relation.  It's not the staff but the Management of RWS that shown they have no clue about running a theme park.  In releasing information about promotion two or three days before the event, showing they are just being lazy.

I hope year two of Universal Studios Singapore we see big improvement with the opening of Madagascar A Crate Adventure and The Transformer Ride (that what they say now). But I hope to see more improvement in Public Relation and Guest Service. But I'm not holding my breath.


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are u renewing ur annual pass once it expries?

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