Saturday, May 4, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore Attendances drops by 25% in the Last Quarter!

Universal Studios Singapore reported lower average daily visits of 8,400, which was flat year-on-year and down from 11,100 in the last quarter of 2012.

You would think that during this latest quarter report, which would have included Chinese New Year, that attendants would be up at USS.   

Could it be ticket price. For a family of four to go to USS is S$256.00. Where as Hong Kong Disneyland is S$244.00, Universal Studios Japan is S$276.00 and Tokyo Disneyland and Sea are S$286.00 pre day ticket. Is USS over priced?

Could it be the park hours? The latest USS is open till is 8:00pm on the weekends.

Could it be the Rides? Only 4 Adult rides in the park.

What do you think the problem is that USS attendances has dropped by 25% in the last quarter?


and if I have to bleed, I'll bruise said...

Pardon my English, but it is simply mis-calculation by the management on the first place to create a theme park in Singapore. Although surveys and datas showing Singaporeans are able to spend their money, most of them will not choose someplace local to spend their leisure time. I mean, Singapore is a petite country, where you can reach everywhere in minutes. There is this kind of feeling and mentality for Singaporeans that they are not on holiday if they are not going overseas. Moreover, theme park doesn't have the history for generation X, Y and Z, just like in America or everywhere else. The culture is just clashing for the general Singapore population. Other neighbouring countries, in another point of view, has the big economic gap where the riches prefers to go to other continents for holiday and the poor are unable to afford the entrance ticket. Big spending tourist like those from China and Japan have their own huge ass, better theme park also. I think that's why the USS is bound to doom except if they get better, expand their theme park and get more attractions in the near future. They really in dire need to change !

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