Saturday, October 30, 2010

News and Updates Universal Studios Singapore Oct 30th 2010

Last night at the Halloween Party at Universal Studios Singapore I found out some very positive news about USS and Resorts World Sentosa.

RWS has put a team of staff together, that is now focusing on just Universal Studios and the other attraction at RWS. They well be working with Annual Pass holder of USS to make it easier for information to flow from USS. I feel this is great news for the Fans of Universal Studios Singapore.

Madagascar A Crate Adventure is in limited testing right now. Yes they have remove the drop in the ride for a more gradual drop. Again I don't see this ride opening till April or May of next year.

Battlestar is still in night testing. Again till we see it in day testing then we well know we have about three or four month till that opens.

As I was talking to staff last night I get the feeling that to much pressure was put on people to open this park when they did. Now we are getting the backlash from this with rides not working, the poor attendance and more repairs to USS.

The Crane Dance is having a lot of problems also (are we seeing a pattern here)they are still working on it to get the bugs out of it so again not going to see this attraction for a few more months.

USS has done three positive thing this week. First them extending Annual Passes by 90 days. Second they did a great job on putting on the Halloween Party. Third by having staff that well be handling just USS is all a positive start to show Fans that Universal Studios Singapore is now going in the right direction.

I know that a year from now we well have a different outlook to Universal Studios Singapore as one of the best Major Theme Park. But right now we need to be patience as they work on getting USS to that point.


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