Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here's a look at Monstro City


On a seemingly ordinary night in Dr. Jekyll laboratory, the good doctor buries himself into his latest experiment. He transforms - as the familiar story goes - into the monstrous Mr. Hyde, whose main agenda is to foil Dr. Jekyll's plans to save the world from seven destructive monsters. This brand new creature feature houses a musical concert that includes Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Rock N' Roll style songs as only Universal Studios Singapore can produce.

DR. JEKYLL | MR. HYDE (175cm/5'9” - 182cm/6'0”) Constantly struggling with good and evil, this real-life Dr. McDreamy finds himself lost in a nightmare of his own making. After drinking a potion of his own creation, Dr. Jekyll is transformed into the Rock N' Evil - Mr. Hyde. An electric performer, with acting skills to match - makes this `two-of-a-kind' character a real head case. You can run, but you can't Hyde.

FRANKENSTEIN (182cm/6'0” - 190cm/6'3”) This Universal Monster (thought to be lacking all soul) is indeed `full of the funk!' The thuggish creation, while large, is both agile and articulate. This innovative take on the classic character brings “Frank-E-Fresh” an inner-city vibe. He is a Hip-Hop/Pop singer.

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (165cm/5'5” - 172cm/5'8”) The Bride is unquestionably the most glamorous of the Goths. The feisty soul mate of “Frank-E-Fresh” is never the bridesmaid… always “The Bride”. She should be a statuesque with a strong belt.

DRACULA (177cm/5'10” - 185cm/6'1”) A mesmerizing and seemingly ruthless seducer, Dracula is the smooth latin-esque lady-killer. This family of ghouls wouldn't be complete without this dashing, sensually hypnotic romancer. Should be a tall, athletic baritone/ tenor with a muscular build.

THE MUMMY (Female) (162cm/5'4” - 170cm/5'7”) Unwrapped and set free by the Pharaoh, this arid goddess is ready to shine. Strong and fierce, ancient but new - The Mummy is geared up to demonstrate her point of view. Should be of medium height, athletic, with a powerful belt.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (175cm/5'9” - 182cm/6'0”) Although thought to be gruesomely deformed, loyal fans alike will be awed by the all-new Phantom. A true rock star and musical genius, this “opera ghost” is a debonair leading man with a dynamic, mesmerizing spirit, able to work at substantial heights. Athletic tenor.

WOLFMAN (165cm/5'5” - 172cm/5'8”) This electrifying urban male is the mischievous one of the pack. While clinging onto his animalistic roots, Wolfman beat-boxes like a Hip-Hop star and soars through the air like a martial artist. Wolfman is a Pop tenor with a street flair and must be a strong dancer with a muscular build.

SHE-WOLF (160cm/5'3” - 167cm/5'6”) This wicked temptress stalks her prey and has attitude for days. Granted with extra-human strength and extraordinary senses, this sinful siren has chords of steal. With a catlike body and icy exterior, She-Wolf is a shape-shifter who loves to chase. Powerful belt and excellent dancer.


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