Monday, May 11, 2009

Sentosa go's to the Birds Daily

Meet a variety of exotic birds, macaques, monkeys and parrots up-close and personal during shows in this daily show at Palawan Amphitheater. Always keep your eyes open, because you will never know how intelligent or how responsive these animals can be. Intelligence, agility, and responsiveness are just some of the qualities of our friends will amuse both the young and old. Be entertained by their many colourful stunts and tricks for a whole sunny afternoon!

12pm till 12.15 pm - Close Encounters with Reptiles
Up close and personal with different reptiles such as Green Iguana, Burmese Rock Python, or Water Monitor Lizard

12.30pm till 12.50 pm - Primate Encounters at Amphitheater
Featuring Pig Tailed Macaques

2:00 pm till 2:15 pm - Lories Feeding at Bird Aviary
Watch Lories flying down to feed on their favorite food3:00 pm till 3:15 pm - Close Encounters with Pig Tailed Macaques
Up close and personal with Pig tailed Macaques and photo taking session

3:30 pm till 4:00 pm - Bird Encounters at Amphitheater
Featuring intelligent parrots, talking bird and Wreathed Horn bill feeding in mid-air

4:30 pm till 4:45 pm - Close Encounters with Parrots
Up close and personal with parrots to learn about their diet and behaviors

5:00 pm till 5:30 pm - Multi Animal Encounters at Amphitheatre
Featuring different animal such as Pig Tailed Macaques, Parrots, Hornbill, Eagle, Python and many more Have fun with these adorable animals and more, and roar with laughter at their antics!

Palawan Amphitheater



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