Thursday, January 14, 2010

From the Desk of Bigbearsg

I would like to give you some information.

If your booking at one of the Four Hotels at Resort World Sentosa you can only book 90 days out. So if you want to Book for May 1st you can't book your room till Feb 1st.

The biggest question is when is Universal Studios Singapore going to open? Will if RWS and us FANS had are way yesterday lol. But what people don't understand is that they are still testing the rides and need to get the ok from the people who are testing the rides and from the Government. I for one want to know the rides are safe. I think they are looking for a opening before Chinese New Year in mid Feb.

By the first of next week I hope to have video and pictures of the RWS Hotels for you. I got a look at the Hard Rock the other day and it looks great I can't wait to stay there.

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