Monday, January 18, 2010

Update From Bigbearsg

From the Desk of Bigbear (wish I had a desk LOL)

Today I went on a tour of the four Resorts World Sentosa hotel. What a great place to stay at any of the Four Hotel. I will have video up on Wed the 20th (for you in the US that would be about 12:00pm est on Tuesday the 19th.). Sorry about the shaky hand but just show I'm just a amateur at photo and video try my best LOL.

The Waterfront Station for the Monorail will open on Jan 20th. That is the stop for Universal Studios Singapore,Festivewalk and Resorts World at Sentosa.

Some USS Information for you.

First No Food can be taken into Universal Studio Singapore (only if for medical reason). Also no alcohol or glass bottle. More Information will be issued on the RWS web site. USS will also have people checking your bag before entering the park. So leave thing you don't want them to see at home.

There will be lockers at USS for your use more on that when released.

On Wednesday I will have a one week contest Starting on the 20th of Jan 2010 ending on Wednesday 27th of Jan at 11:59pm. I have two Hard Rock Hotel trading pins to give away. I will ask a question about something in the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore video all you have do is send me the correct answer. Then I will draw two name with the correct answer and they will get the pins. So stay turned to my blog for the question and more information.

I was very happy to see someone from the US Northwest (since I'm from Seattle) being a part of the Resort World Sentosa. At the Crockfords Tower you can see Dale Chihuly Glass Chandeliers which are very beautiful. If you ever in Tacoma Washington you must take a tour of Dale Chihuly work shop.

More Information come's I will get it out to you.

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