Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Last Preview Day for Me

From the Den of Bigbearsg

On Wednesday I made my final journey into Universal Studios Singapore for the preview week. I spent most of my time just walking around the park and enjoying park.

I did get some great video (I think) from underneath Battlestar Galactica Dueling Coast which I have posted today. I still have alot of pictures to edit and I will be posting them over the next few days.

Again I can't say enough about the great staff at USS. I was with a friend from Australia who was in Singapore for The Chinese New Year. He went to the Universal Store and purchased a ot of gifts to take home. The Staff toke all of the mug's and ceramics, wrapped them very nicely and put them in boxes  for he's return home.  Now that's service. Bravo

We went to dinner at The Oasis Spice Cafe. We both had the Chicken Briyani which was exultant. The serving was big, the chicken was tender and just enough spice. This is another great place to eat at USS. Again the Staff at Oasis went out of their way to make sure that we enjoyed are meal.

Now that the Preview is over for me, and I now have to wait for the opening. This was a exultant idea for Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studio's to do. This was a dress rehearsal for them. The S$10.00 admissions was to help train the Ticket Sellers. The Ticket into the park helped the ticket takers to understand how the system worked and to greet the guests. For Sales Staff to take care of their guest. For the Restaurant and Counter Service Staff to deal with a large group of people. We as guest received a meal worth S$10,00 for free for helping out.  For the people who said that RWS should have done this for free or that RWS was doing this for profit just don't get it. Do you think RWS made a profit on this your out of you mind. For each night only 3,000 ticket were sold. So that's S$30,000 a night they had to pay for the food, the entertainers and Staff. IMO they lost money on this.

The Staff at USS, now have a little understand what is going to be like when there are four times that number in the park. This was a win win for both the guest and Universal Studios Singapore. GREAT JOB.



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