Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thought's about Universal Studios Singapore during Preview

From the Den of Bigbearsg

    I spent Sunday and Monday Nights at the Preview of Universal Studio Singapore,so here is my opinion of what I think about the park.

    USS is a very compacted park I walked around the park about 4 time on both night. Now I know, why they are going to limit the number of people to the park. The Park it self, is extremely well done. The attention to details is fantastic.  The Top of My List is The Madagascar Zone, Egypt Zone and Sterk's Castle in the Far Far Away Zone.

Hollywood and New York Zones are great. If you are in the New York Zone take a walk down the alley next to Lights,Camera,Action. You will hear the detail that went into the Park.  The Lost World was also good a lot of place to sit under the shade of the trees. The last area is Sic-Fi  City it was ok but I felt no WOW to it, It looks better at night with it effect lights on but I still didn't feel like going wow just a ok .

I can't say enough on HOW GREAT THE STAFF at USS are. It was a very welcoming Staff at the park. Waving at you,always smiling and went out of their way to help you. The grounds of the park it self was very clean all though the night.

On Sunday night I had dinner at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor. I order a slice of pizza, a med drink which came to S$10.00, with my ticket it was no cost to me. But still I was very disappointed with the pizza. It was a very thin, soggy slice of pizza. At S$7.50 a slice or S$32.00 for the whole pizza. I don't understand why theme parks (both Universal and Disney) can't make a good pizza with all the Chef's they have. IMO the pizza is not worth buying.

On Monday I eat at Fossil Fuel in the The Lost World area. This is a counter service for Hot Dog. I ordered the Italian Hot Dog which was S$7.80. This was out standing and I look forward to having it again and again when ever I'm at the park. Fossil Fuel Menu has all kind of Hot Dog from Plan Dog's to Veg. Dog.This was a meal more then that poor slice of pizza.

Must Must see at the park is the Madagascar Character Performance it was out standing to watch. The street dancing Performances were good but not my cup of tea. The Street Character were very good and fun to watch interact with the Guests. I saw Frankenstein,Woody Wood Pecker,Beetlejuice, Betty Boop, Charlie Chaplin, Kung Fu Panda, Character from Sherk and Madagascar. The Stilt Walkers in Sci-Fic and the Egypt Zone were geat to watch them interact with the guest.

There is a still a lot of work for the staff to do. As one manager said to me "The Punch List is very long". The rides are still being tested. IMO I think this will be one of the the best Universal Park. It mite be the smallest but it has a lot going for it.  


melvin said...

They did mention about the 20th attraction that has not been announce yet. Do you have any idea what's the 20th attraction is?

Reeney said...

Wish I had thought of buying tickets for the other Preview nights just so I could try out all the other foods. We had dinner at the Discovery Foodcourt which featured 'Local must trys'. The set meal, Chicken Rice or Beef Rendang with Rice plus side dishes and desserts and drinks were very very filling and was very well done.

Did you try the chocolate churros? It was excellent!

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