Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bigbear's Review of Universal Studios Singapore

 From the Den of Bigbearsg

As Universal Studios Singapore is now in soft opening the big question I have gotten is "What is USS like to the other Universal in the US and Japan?"

I have to said it's Universal Studios Singapore, it's what is right for Singapore. Like Singapore it small, compact, full of surprises around each corner of the park.You can walk around the whole park in about 10-15 minutes. On opening they opened the park with limit of about 3,000 people. On  Monday the 22nd  they opened the park to the limit of about 4,000. USS opened ticket sales to walk up for day ticket on the 22nd. USS will continue  increasing the limit till it reaches the max. of about 13,000 per day.

I would like to review the rides at USS but I don't think it would be fair as they are in soft opening.  I enjoyed all the rides I went on, some need to have more surprises on them but overall not a bad ride in the park. The only ride I didn't go on is Battlestar,yes I'm a chicken when comes to the big coasters.

The biggest disappointment for me is the que area of Lights Camera Action. There is nothing in the que just plane walls, very boring. The Show it self is entertaining but they do need to do something with the que area.

I think the biggest mistake is the park isn't open at night. USS is going to be a great night time park. I think people will enjoy the park at night when it's cooler and riding the rides at night. USS is a beautiful park at night. RWS needs to have night time hours on Friday,Saturday and Sunday. 

My biggest question is about Kt's Grill. I had a look inside of the restaurant and to me it look like a place you would enjoy at dinner time. So who would dine there during the day? I think that this is going to be a big problem for the restaurant if the Park isn't open at night.

 With Madagascar: A Crate Adventure not opening till June or July, the Madagascar Area of the park only has the King Jullen's Beach Party-go-Round and the Madagacar Character Show. So till they open the ride it just a area to eat or just walk though.

Again I can't say enough about the Universal Studios Singapore Staff. So far the go out of there way to help you. They are wave,dancing and saying Hello to everyone. Keep up the good work!!!!!

So USS is a very good theme park. Yes the need some more work on some of the rides to make them better. Again they need to open this park more at night. But over all I give it a two thumb up. 


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