Sunday, March 7, 2010

My thoughts on the Annual Pass for Universal Studios Singapore

From the Den of Bigbearsg

This week Resorts World at Sentosa released the pricing for Annual Passes to Universal Studio Singapore. Rumors had the price from any where from S$750.00 to over S$1,000.00. They were half right, the Fun Pass is only S$318.00 for adults,which is only good for 312 days during the year. . The Superstar Pass with no black out days is (are you sitting down) S$1,098.00. OMG is Resorts World out of their mind.

So I have no problem with the Fun Pass. I think they are blacking out to many dates IMO.

Here my problem with the Superstar Pass. It's way over priced but why.  I have no idea about the people running USS thinking, but I think I know why the high price. The limit they are putting on the number of  people they will let into the park. It's my understanding that USS will limit the number of people into the park to 13,000 a day. So by putting the high price on, AP's with no black out dates, this will let more people to buy general admissions ticket on higher traffic days and USS doesn't have to worry that AP holder, will flood the park on those days.

As a individual I would buy the Superstar Pass (I do have a blog to run), but for a family I wouldn't get it. For a family of four that would by over S$3,800.00. Were as the Fun Pass is S$1,100 for a family of four.

So let's break this down to see if a AP is worth getting. For you to break even on a Fun Pass you would have to go to USS 5 times (318 divided by 66.00 the price of a one day ticket).   For the Superstar Pass you would have to go 11 times (1098 divided by 96.00. 66.00 price of a one day ticket plus the price of a express ticket). This is base on if you were buying a weekday ticket to the park. The Superstar comes with express line pass.

So leave your comment's about what you think of the Annual Pass to Universal Studios Singapore.


Joseph said...

I agree, I saw the Superstar pass and felt it was very steep. Personally I am not here all the time so it made sense for me to get a pass that I could use a few times each month I am here, yet also get sneak peeks and money off stuff etc. I plan on going 10 times or so until April next year....who knows if I end up living here with dad I will get a superstar pass?! :0)

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