Thursday, April 15, 2010

Battlestar Galactica ride may be closed for weeks

By Imelda Saad 

SINGAPORE: It may take weeks or longer before Universal Studios Singapore re-opens its popular ride, the Battlestar Galactica.

The roller-coaster was shut down on March 25 due to a "technical glitch".

Universal Studios has kept mum about the nature of the glitch but in its latest statement to MediaCorp, the company said the ride is in the process of a complete inspection.

This includes a review by an investigative team from the ride's design, engineering and manufacturing company, as well as several expert independent assessors.

The ride has been dismantled and components analyzed, including an X-ray of its parts.

"It may be weeks or longer before these final conclusions are reached," said Universal Studios Singapore.

"Any comment prior to the experts reaching their determinations would be purely speculative, so we will wait until the process is complete before we issue any statement as to when the attraction will again be operational and/or the additional testing to be performed in order to prove the safety of the repairs performed."

Universal Studios Singapore added that the world's tallest pair of duelling roller coasters will remain closed until all inspections, repairs, and testing are complete.

"We understand some guests may be disappointed; however, the safety of our employees and guests remains our top priority," the theme park said.

Police have said Universal Studios Singapore must recommend rectification measures and re-certify the safety of the ride, before its licence can be reinstated. 



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