Friday, April 23, 2010

Update on Battlestar Dueling Coaster, Madagascar Ride and More

I was at Universal Studios Singapore on Thursday (April 22nd) and I had the chance to talk to one of the USS executives. I ask about Battlestar Galactica Dueling Coaster.

I asked when will Battlestar be back on line in weeks or months. I was told "In months Vekoma has their  work cut out for them." He would not comment on what the problem is, but it's not the problem that is circulating on the net about the seats. Both ride vehicles are being worked on and the dummies have been put back on the Human ride vehicle.

The Cylon ride vehicle has been removed from the track and taken apart. So this must have been where the problem is. 

One of the Cylon has been moved from the que line and placed in front of the entrance for a photo op while the ride is down.

 With Battlestar down USS is moving faster on getting Madagascar A Crate Adventure up and running. The new ride vehicles are in place and being tested, right now for any clearance problem. Then full testing of the ride should begin in the next few weeks. I'm told by USS they are still on track for a late June or early July opening. MACA should have been running much sooner but USS had to replace the first ride vehicles do to clearance issues.

Also in the Madagascar Area at the statues of the Madagascar Animals there is a new photo stand that you can have your picture taken by USS staff. The Photo's are S$10.00 each and comes with a paper folder frame.

Coming later to USS will be a Parade and a Water Show on the Lagoon which are in the planning stage at this time. Also you will be seeing the park staying open later after the Grand Opening, sometime this Aug. The reason they are not open later is that they need the time at night to fix problems that come up during the day. Again this is why it's called a soft opening.


Herman Saksono said...

Any words on Stage 28 attraction?

Sentosa Theme Park said...

Sorry I didn't ask. Sorry

Ao said...

I notice there was an excavator near the area behind the queue line of the accelerator ride. The area was fenced up but the top of the excavator can be seen. The excavator seems to be digging below the cylon track. The last time I went there was 18 apr 10.

Sentosa Theme Park said...

I was told that they have a drainage problem so they are fixing it while the ride is down.

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