Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Going from High to Very Low in Just Two Month

IMO by Bigbearsg

Universal Studios in Singapore opening day people were jumping on the bandwagon of the new Park. But in just three month from the soft opening to now USS have gone from High to low.

Two month ago USS closed down Battlestar Dueling Coaster do to safety issues. To this date we do not know why. All we get from USS and Resorts World Sentosa is "The company was still investigating the cause and solution to the problem." Merrill Lynch reports in a issue last week on Genting Singapore, the parent company of Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios Singapore, said it expects the ride to recommence only next year.

So what are we getting for are money. No BDC. Jurrasic Park Ride is down most every day do to problem with the ride. Revenge of the Mummy Ride is working most every day but has been shut down for problem on the ride.

So going to USS is like going to RWS Casino, you pay your money and bet that all the rides are running if not the House wins your money and you get what they give you.

RSW and USS are like Jack Nicolson in A Few Good Men "The Truth you can't handle the Truth". RSW and USS are not saying a word they don't want to make people mad if they told us what is going on. The People who have paid good money for the Annual Pass are now getting to the point where, what they thought was a good buy are now feeling ripped off by USS. People who are buying same day ticket are not getting what they paid for and feel like it wasn't what was advertised.

It's time for USS and RWS to step up and make this right with the AP holder. It's time for USS and RWS to tell us what's going on with Battlestar Dueling Coaster, when will Madagascar Crate Adventure going to be open,when will Jurassic Park Ride by fixed, so that we know when we go it working.

I want USS to be the best Universal Park there is. Stop with the hiding and tell people the truth we can handle it. We are with you all the way but we want to know what's going on.

Today June 8th Resorts World Sentosa post this on their face book page, "we have no date when BSG will resume, and all dates reported are not substantiated. At this point in time, we are working with the experts and manufacturer on the report and recovery schedule. We want to be absolutely certain on findings and conclusions before we release any date so please bear with us. Safety is our top priority and we will open the ride only when the ride has cleared all safety tests and checks. We seek your patience."

So which is it,Genting gave bad information to Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) or is Resort World not giving us the right information?


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