Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Broken Promises Broken Rides and Now Maybe no Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Singapore

What a sad state of affairs, at Universal Studios Singapore they could mess up a two car funeral. With all the problem they are having with there rides. Battlestar Dueling Coaster only running for one week, now closed down to the end of the year. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure go's down on almost a daily bases. Madagascar A Crate Adventure that was to open in June, then delayed till Sept, now is delayed till Dec or longer. The only major ride to be running on a daily bases is Revenge of the Mummy.  So out of the 4 major rides at USS the Mummy is the only ride working daily.

Over the past three days I have been asking Resorts World Sentosa who runs USS,  Are they going to have Universal Halloween Horror nights like they had told AP holders they were going to have in Oct.  This is the response I received from RWS.

"Hello Greg, our team members are currently working on an exclusive event for our Annual Pass holders this quarter. As details are still being tied up, we are unable to reveal too much at this point in time. As Halloween is in October, we are expecting to contact our AP holders directly in September, so do look out for that"

Ahhhh this is Aug. you still haven't figure out what you want to do. RWS said the same thing in June. Again this is Aug. so you don't know but you want to do some thing this quarter. You better think fast you only have 55 days left.

Since Universal Orlando and Hollywood have already announced there Halloween Horror Night why would you wait till Sept or Oct. to announce. Knowing that USO & USH plan Halloween Horror starting after the last one. I'm guessing that USS is not going to have Halloween Horror Night but a Halloween party like over a couple of night on the weekend of Halloween.

I hold Universal and Disney Theme Parks to a higher standard. USS is not even close to meeting that standard. What rides they have are not open at night and the two nights USS is open till 10:00 you cant ride any of the rides. The Park is sold out on the weekend and  that a joke, do to the fact that USS only lets in about 4,000 to 5,000 people into a park meant for about 13,000. 

I think that you will see USS in soft opening till all four major rides are working. Then early next spring you well see the Grand Opening of the park. But till then this park is about equal to the opening of  Hong Kong Disneyland and all the problem they went though. 

What missing from all this and holding RWS and USS feet to the fire about all the broken promises and down rides. The Singapore Media. I guess they are happy with the No Comments from RWS.



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