Saturday, August 21, 2010

Universal Studio's Singapore Updates from the Park on Aug 20th 2010

IMO by Bigbearsg 

It's was a very rainy day in the park most of the live show were not going on do to the rain. But here are a couple of thing I did find out about.

Annual Pass holder well be getting a 3 month extension to their AP starting in Sept.  A announcement should be made around the first of Sept. Warning if you not getting any e-mail from RWS or USS stop by the Annual Passholder office just as you enter the park, and make sure your e-mail is correct. I stop by and found that mine wasn't, do to one letter being wrong, They fixed it right then.

Why all the sad face on Team Members face's. One of the big thing I noticed at the park? They have all lost that park opening enthusiasm that you saw first few month.

We are now just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for Battlestar. If they do start full testing of the ride in Sept then you should see it up and running in about Jan. 2011.  Before the park opened, they started testing in Nov. of 2009 then open it in March 2010. By that reasoning then it should take 4 month month. So when you see them testing during the day you know it's about four month away.

One of the biggest problem I see on a rainy day at USS is Light Camera Action. It's like going though a waterfall when you first go though the Que area.  USS need to find a fix for this so guest are not getting wet plus someone could slip and fall from the water on the floor.

I well be going to the park again on Monday or Tuesday of this next week to finish a couple of videos I'm working on.

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Wenjie said...

Thank you for your updates on USS, it has been very informative. Especially from the perspective of an annual pass holder (so am I). Appreciate your enthusiasm and help updates + comments.
*Let us know, when you receive your email about the extension... then I'll know if I was missed out by USS...

Thanks again!

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