Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally Good News From Universal Studios Singapore

1) NBC/Universal has taken total control of Battlestar Galectica Dueling Coaster, Madagascar A Crate Adventure and The Transformers Ride. Universal is taking every thing very slow on the testing of rides they want them to work and not go though more problems. Which I can understand I would like them to take their time and get it right so we have no more problems once the rides are back on line or opening for the first time.

2) Battlestar ride vehicles had to be total replace with new seat and safety systems. That is why the test seats at the entrance to Battlestar have been removed. The new vehicles are being tested right now at night (as we all know) They want to make sure this time there are no more problem so they are going to take there time on the testing. So like I have said before look for BGDC sometime in March or April but could be longer. I feel take your time make the ride safe and problem free this time.

3) Madagascar A Create Adventure is in testing right now but again Universal is taking  there time on this to make sure it's right. They are testing with the new boats so we now know they are in place. Again don't count on the ride opening this year it mite but I would think, we are looking more at Jan or Feb. But again lets not worry about when it's going open but when it does open there are not the problems like we are seeing at Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

4) The Transformer Ride is on track for 2011 opening. I was told that this is like no other ride we have ever seen at any Theme Park. I was told this is not going to be like the Spiderman ride at Universal Studio. By the way the entrance to The Transformer Ride is in Sci-Fi City. It's on the right side as you are coming into Sci-fi from New York. And as you are facing that area the door on the right is the entrance and the door on the left is the exit. 

The biggest point of this is that since Universal has taken control over the rides they want them to be running with out problem before opening them to the public. I totally agree with this let's get this done right this time.

I was told Universal Studios Singapore was not ready to have events like Halloween Horror nights and other events like it,  till that time that the park is total open. I understand this, and I think you all do too. It's the way that RWS handled this that made us angry.

Sometime this week you are going to see Woody's girlfriend in the park Winnie Woodpecker. Also more in-park shows are in rehearsal right now so we should see them in the park in the next couple of months.

When I was at the park today I picked up my ticket for the Halloween Party. On the ticket it say I'm to get a Combo Meal and a Souvenir Bottle. So that something new to the party.


- said...

this is really good news. at least universal is doing something about it. by the way, where did u get the info from? is there some press release? can i have the link?

- said...

did the source say anything about Christmas celebrations

Sentosa Theme Park said...

I don't think you well see any events like HHN,Christmas,etc till the park has it's grand opening sometime next year. A little birdie told me. LOL

Neil said...

Thanks for the update. Any idea when Transformers is meant to debut. Hope 2011 doesn't mean December !

Also, any news on the compensation for annual pass holders. It's gone awfully quiet on this one.


Sentosa Theme Park said...

IMO don't push it on when in 2011. As I have said I want to see the rides safe and working right this time. What got RWS in trouble is rushing the rides to open.

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