Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video and Review of the Halloween Party at Universal Studios Singapore

As we all know Resorts World Sentosa said there would be a Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore when the Park firsted opened. But at some point NBC/Universal told RWS that your park is not ready for HHN so your not going to hold it. Now I'm not saying that NBC/Universal was wrong in saying that and I think we can all agree USS is not ready for HHN. But it's, how they want about telling us that is wasn't going to happen that was the problem.

So Resorts World had to come up with another plan to make the Annual Pass Holder happy so they worked out a two night party. But I have found out this isn't true either. Yes Annual Pass Holder were invited to the Party, Superstar Annual Pass Holder got in free and Funpass Holder had to pay S$38.00 to go.  Then I found out that Staff and their friend were invited for S$28.00. Tonight I learned that it was also open to Business Supporter of the Park and there Family too.

So anyway I want to the Party tonight and I thought it was very well done for a Party. There was plenty of free food and you also received a coupon for a free combo meal at Louis and Mel's Dinner. Also you received a free souvenir bottle for free soda for the night. I thought that was a nice.

The staff did a wonderful job. They want out of their way to make sure everyone had food and enjoyed their night at the Party. The staff playing the zombies were very nicely made up and very scary they received many screams from the guest. I was told that the three people with the chainsaws were from Universal Studios Orlando (whats a Halloween at Universal without the chainsaws). The three stilt walker dressed as angles of death were great.

As a Party this was very well done. For me it was worth what I paid (nothing) but is it worth the S$38.00.  I think it would be if you like this kind of party. If I had to pay the S$38.00 to go I wouldn't have it just not something I'm into but that just me. But a lot of the people I talked to at the party thought it was great but they also wouldn't have paid the money to go. I talked to a few of the staff and I was told only a few Fun Pass holders went to the party.

I look forward to next year when they have the real Halloween Horror Nights.

Thanks to Nicholas and Felicia for their help. Thanks to the fans of Sentosa Theme Park Blog for the nice comments about the blog it was nice meeting you all. Also the two fans that are heading to New York for Thanksgiving have a safe trip. 


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