Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Resorts World Sentosa Slaps Fun Pass Annual Pass Holders in the Face Again

Again Resorts World Slaps Fun Pass Annual Pass Holders to Universal Studios Singapore, in the face. It was bad enough that RWS left the Fan Pass out of the first announcement of the two day Halloween Party. But then include them, but then slap them in the face with charging  them S$38.00.

That wasn't good enough for Resorts World Sentosa. I have now learned that Staff can go to the party for S$28.00. Which I have no problem with that part. But I do have a problem with is Staff can bring anyone they want for the same price as the Staff member.

So if you know a staff member of Resort World you can go for $28.00. So someone that doesn't support the park get a $10.00 discount to the Halloween Party but a Fan Pass Holder who supports the park by buying a year long pass and spends money in the park has to pay more. That is outrageous.

So why go as a Annual Pass Holder get a Staff Member to buy you a ticket for S$10.00 less. 

Again Resort World Sentosa shows how they have very little respect for The Annual Pass Holders of Universal Studios Singapore. 


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