Friday, October 8, 2010

A Treat for Superstar Pass Holder A Trick for The Fun Pass Holder Universal Studios Halloween Party And Nothing for the Public

On Oct 28th and 29th (nothing on Halloween Night) Universal Studios Singapore is holding "A Night In The Netherworld" a Halloween Party to take the place of Halloween Horror Nights for Annual Pass Holder. But here the catch. Superstar Pass Holder get in free and the Fun Pass Holder have to pay S$38.00. Plus RWS/USS say there is no guarantee's that you can get a ticket for the night you want to go or even that you can go at all. USS is limiting the number of people who can go but is not say what that number is.

First of all to charge Fun Pass Holder S$38.00 is the most outrageous thing USS could do. Charging them for what cheap food, Monster Rock they can see any time they are in the park. No rides and the party is limited to the New York area of the park. If they didn't want the Fun Pass Holder to be there they should have said so, but they did it by making the price so outrageous who would pay it.   Why would anyone pay that if for S$2.00 more you can go to Night Safari Horror Nights, and  have a better time.

Resorts World contuses to  show they have no clue on how to run a Major Theme Park like Universal Studios. RWS is getting comments like this from there Fun Pass Holders on Facebook.

"I suppose this is their ultimate motive, this event is only to be meant for the superstar pass holders after all.

" This invitation is nothing but a joke, and it shows how insincere this invitation from RWS to be."

"Halloween all night event at the Singapore Night Safari is only $2 more.........yeah...says it all really. Its a middle finger up to the Fun pass holders.....thanks RWS."

This just show that come March of next year when it's time to buy a new Annual Pass people are either not going to buy or go from Superstar down to the Fun Pass.  With this announcement RWS show they don't care about the AP holders. They are just going to throw you little bones with nothing on them hoping that well make you happy.

Singapore you should be getting more then a second rate theme park. You should be getting what you paid for a Major Theme Park like Universal in Japan,Orlando and Hollywood. You paid the Worlds Highest price for a Annual Pass S$1,100 that same amount would get you a annual pass to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland (that would get you into seven parks any time you want). That Price would get you AP for for all three Universal Studios in the US. What does it get you here one small park with only one major ride working every day,one not and two not working at all. How many time does RWS need to slap us in the face with no comment about when all the rides are going to be working. Canceling Events without telling anyone then coming up with a two night party with no rides, a show you can see anytime and Finger Food, then have the nerve to charge Fun Pass Holder S$38.00.

This is not the Universal Studios I know it mite have the look of one but it isn't a Major Theme Park. RWS has no clue about Public Relations and Poor Guest Service for it's Annual Pass Holders.

People who have never been to a Disney or Universal well continue to come to this park not knowing what they are not getting. People who have been to Disney and Universal know this park at this time does not match or is worth coming to till that time USS have their 4 Major Rides working on a daily bases and the fifth major ride is ready to go. This Park is not worth the price it's charging, you are not getting what you are paying for. Resorts World well continue to make us look like fools to have paid S$1,100 for a annual pass.

It's my hope that RWS turns this around and by this time next year we have a Month long Halloween Horror Night all 5 Major rides going and this is all forgotten. But right now all I see is a Universal Studios Horror Movie in the making.


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