Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore is a Universal Disaster Movie in the Making

I feel like I'm watching the story of The Emperor New Clothes with Universal Studio's Singapore. No one is saying it but a hand full of people but USS Soft opening has gone from Great Expectations to The Biggest Disaster Movie that Universal is know for. 

The Park opens with three major rides, Revenge of the Mummy,Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Battlestar Galactica Dueling Coasters.

A week after the park opens Battlestar is shut down for safety reason. As of this date Battlestar is still down and could be down till sometime in 2011. What is Universal Studios Singapore saying about it NOTHING. Not a Word. We keep asking the question to USS but all we hear from them is nothing.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is a hit or miss ride. Some days it works some day it's not working.

Revenge of the Mummy is the only major ride that is working on a daily bases. But can you believe the longest wait time on this ride is 20 minutes that I have seen.

Also at the Soft opening of USS we were promised a forth major ride by June of 2010, Madagascar A Crate Adventure. As of this date the ride still has not opened. USS said back in June it's been moved to Dec. 2010. When I was at the park on Oct 1st I was told that no testing is happening on the ride and by other source I have talk to again you may not see Madagascar open till some time in 2011. What does Resorts World have to say about it again NOTHING.

When the Park opened USS said they would have Halloween Horror Nights in Oct. As a Superstar pass holder I would get a free ticket to HHN. In July USS remove that from their list of benefits that Superstar Pass holder receives,with no explanation or that HHN was canceled. After about a week of asking RWS/USS what is going on with HHN and Asking over and over what they are going to do for Annual Pass Holder to compensate them for the ride that are not working and not having HHN this is what RWS/USS posted on their Facebook Page on Aug 4th 2010.

"Hello Greg, our team members are currently working on an exclusive
event for our Annual Pass holders this quarter. As details are still
being tied up, we are unable to reveal too much at this point in time.
As Halloween is in October, we are expecting to contact our AP holders
directly in September, so do look out for that."

By the end of the quarter USS held no exclusive event for their Annual Pass Holders and only this was posted on Facebook at 7:00pm Sept 30. "Dear Annual Pass holders, thank you for your patience. Here's an update: there will be a special Halloween themed party for our Superstar Annual Passholders. Stay tuned... (:"

After that posting USS Fun Pass Annual Pass Holder cried foul saying it's not fair that we are not part of this. So after about 70 people complaining about this, RWS posted this statement.  "To all our Annual Pass holders (yes, that includes all our Fun Pass holders), please rest assured. You will be receiving an invite next week to our exlcusive Halloween Party this month. In the mean time, hang tight. It won't be long before the details are revealed."

RWS/USS keeps shooting them self's in the foot. Time after Time. I keep hoping that RWS well show us the light at the end of the tunnel, but all I see is the dark.

As this Disaster go's on, were is the Media in all this. I have not read one story from any Singapore Media outlet that has asked the question to USS. When is Battlestar going to be running again? When is Madagascar A Crate Adventure going to open. What are you going to do for the Annual Pass Holder that are not getting what Resorts World Sentosa promised them when the park open? Why was Halloween Horror Nights Canceled and no announcement made that it was? It time that the Media do their job and lite the fire under Resorts World to answer the questions that their Guest and Annual Pass holder have been asking for the last four months with no comment from RWS.

If this was a Disney Park doing this the World Media would be all over it.

I still think this is going to be one of the best theme park but it not going to happen for a year or more to get there. The problem is that,  if RWS keeps going the way they are,  it going to get very hard for them to get Fan's of USS back on their side.

When I was first in line to buy the preview tickets I had great hope for this park. But as the months go by that hope has turned in to disappointment in Resorts World, for their poor Public Relation to their Guest and Annual Pass Holders of Universal Studios Singapore.

I would like nothing more then to report about the great thing going on at Universal Studios Singapore but right now I just can't find it. Please Resorts World give us some hope.


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