Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bigbear Rant: Is This the End of Sentosa Theme Park Blog I Don't know?

Today I come to a crossroads. After doing this blog for the last year and half it comes down to this is it worth it to continue posting about Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa. I know this maybe sour grades on my part. But right now I feel like Resorts World could care less about the Annual Pass Holder and people who try to promote the park and it's fans. I have post over 100 videos on my YouTube channel with close to half a million views and this blog with about 125,000 view.

Today I received a booklet from Resorts World Sentosa showing the events for New Year Eve (way to go sending something out three days before a event). In the booklet it show the following: Universal Studios Singapore "Come to the streets of Universal Studios Singapore for a countdown experience like no other. limited seat available". No information on ticket or how to go to this event. So I posted my confusion on their Facebook Page asking how can I go. This is the e-mail I received from RWS. 

Hi , the Countdown Party is indeed private, with invitees randomly selected from our database of RWS fans, together with selected community members of our Facebook page. USS is merely the venue chosen to host all of our guests as we usher in the new year together:) Hope this helps!

So in other words we are having a New Years Eve Party's at USS, please come but only it your invited if  not piss off. But isn't it a nice booklet we sent you to tell you that we are having party but you can't come.

With half the major rides promise this year are broken or never came on line. One major ride that down most days. The only Major ride to work on daily bases is the Mummy ride. On weekends and Holiday the park is sold out this is a joke since the Park can hold 18,000 people but they are only letting in about 7,400 people pre day (last week they announced they have hit 2,000,000 in attendance).  Most Singaporeans I have talk to have said they wouldn't go back to the park the only rides that are working are the kiddy  rides.

One couple from Canada I talk to this Monday outside the park wanted to go but said they would have to pay S$600.00 for VIP Tickets to go in.

RWS over and over again has broken promises to AP holder about ride coming on line, Halloween Horror Nights, and other events. Yes they gave AP Holders three extra month on their pass for what that we mite get to ride Madagascar Crate Adventure for maybe a couple of week before they expire wooo hooo but thats only if your a Superstar pass hold because in June they have black out date that Fun pass holder can't go to the Park.

Right now I feel like that sucker that P. T. Barnum talks about spending S$1,100.00 to be continually  being slapped in the face by RWS and USS each day that we don't care we have your money that's all we care about. Also the 2,000,000 people that have gone into the park this year paying full price for 1/2 of what they promised. Lucky for RWS and USS they have million of suckers that can pay to come into their park because they don't know the differences between a real Theme park like Disney and 2nd rate park like Universal Studios Singapore. 

Yes right now I'm down on USS, is it sourgrapes, maybe. I can see, that when everything is up and running at USS, by this time next year I mite think differently about the park but right now I'm tired of hitting my head against the wall to try to find something positive about USS, right now I just can't find it.

Right now I don't know if I well keep this blog going. I don't want to give up on it. I'm going to step away from it for a couple of week. In my wildest dream if you told me that 125,000 people would care about what I had to say on here and the 500,000 people that have view my video, I would have told you," you are crazy I would be lucky to have 1,000".  I want to thank you all for taking the time to stop by my blog and viewed my videos.  On a final note thanks to that person I can't name but who wrote to me wondering who the hell I was and why am I doing a blog about Universal Studio Singapore. Thanks for all your help and wisdom you gave me in the good times leading up to the opening of USS.

I hope this is not the end but if you have comments or ideas let me know at

Maybe see you in a week or not.



melvin said...

Just a suggestion...
Perhaps you could start doing reviews on each individual attractions at RWS and Sentosa.
It will be more in dept in a sense...

Neil said...

I realise that the past year has been extremely frustrating. Looking back it is hard to understand some of the decisions USS and RWS have made. However, I have to put it down to teething problems and lack of experience. I have hope (and high expectations) that things will improve in 2011. I do not blame them for the BSG fiasco, although I feel that the poor communication on not only this but numerous other issues (Madagascar, Halloween etc) made things worse. With BSG due to re-open and hopefully Madagascar seeing the light of day soon, and also hopefully Transformers coming on line in the second half, there are great things to look forward to.

For this, we need you to continue your blog. It has been an invaluable source of information and a great link between USS and the people that want to see USS succeed.

I honestly believe you will have better news to report in 2011 and I look forward to that.


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