Friday, December 24, 2010

Crane Dance to Open Dec 25, 2010 at Resorts World Sentosa

Love birds take flight on Christmas Day
Resorts World® Sentosa announces the premiere of Crane Dance –
its brand new waterfront attraction

A magical love story between two cranes, the Crane Dance draws inspiration by a common folklore found in many cultures, where the power of love is able to infuse life into even inanimate forms.

Rising to a height of 30 metres (10 storeys high) and weighing 80 tonnes each – making it the world’s tallest dancing animatronics show – the cranes’ love story is told through a magnificent animatronics spectacle, complete with digital art, LED displays, astounding light and water effects, pyrotechnics as well as an original score.

Catch the cranes before they fly away, every evening at the WaterFront.


9:00 pm
10 minutes
Free Admission

Crane Dance Fun Facts:

Ø  The Crane Dance is specially created for Resorts World Sentosa by international show maestro and four-time Emmy Award winner Jeremy Railton, known for his award-winning international productions, including the art direction for the 57th Annual Academy Awards and the design of the Opening Ceremony for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Ø  The whole Crane Dance structure weighs 500 tonnes. Each crane weighs 80 tonnes – as heavy as 10 adult African elephants.

Ø  The cranes operate in 6 axes of movement utilizing top of the line motion control systems to prevent collision – similar to those used by Japanese bullet trains.

Ø  The cranes are powered entirely on four giant hydraulic power units, totally 5,000 horsepower – each HPU is good enough to fly a small aircraft.

Ø  36,720 litres of sea water is used in each show to form the 25-metre 'water wings' – the same volume of fresh water can sustain an average person for 50 years.

Arrange a night out at our Resort and catch our love birds take flight!
See you soon at the Waterfront!

Source Resorts World Sentosa


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