Saturday, January 15, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore Gets "D+" Grade for Guest Services!

Last week in the Poll of the week I asked the question "How would you grade Universal Studios Singapore in guest services" with 12 people voting USS received a grade of D+.

The majority of voters gave USS a "C". Which is still not a very good grade for something that should be in the "A" or "B" area for a Major Theme Park.

At the start of USS, I would have given them a higher grade but as time has gone by the guest services has gone down hill. No more smiling or greeting from the staff. The staff that are working long hours in the heat of the day with little time off. Which is not good.

Staff are no longer greeting guest as they enter the stores. Before on any given day you would see management walking around the park but no longer.

Again this shows to me that USS just doesn't care. They are happy with just do what they can to get by till all the rides are up and running. They are just catering to the first time guest that doesn't know the differences between great guest services like at Disney Park. They come once and probably never come back which is sad.

USS needs to get back to the great guest services they had at the opening.

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deschew said...

What was supposed to be a darling landmark in providing excellent customer service in Singapore turned out to be another company in Singapore having extremely poor services. Nevertheless, I do hope that they can reinstate the magic once more in the coming year

- said...

they will care... once the hype around it dies down and the park does not meet attendance predictions anymore.

Jens said...

To be honest, I don't find the service that bad. They are really friendly and helpful when needed. Compare this to anywhere else in Singapore, and like my pass, these guys are superstars.

Also, to give a grade of D+ based on ONLY 12 votes when the majority of them were C's stinks of bias on your part. I know you're unhappy. I have read the blog from the beginning, but, try to make your comments constructive, as opposed to always just criticism these days. It makes us not listen to your arguments, and makes you just sound bitter, which I don't think is your intention. Aside from that, I hope to see you in the park soon.

Also a Superstar Pass holder,
Jens Nissen

Sentosa Theme Park said...

The Avg. was a D+ that why I said the majority gave a C. Yes I'm unhappy with the Park but not bitter. I still have great hopes for the Park. But right now RWS and USS is not showing the light at the tunnel and nothing positive to report on. Right now the Park is still only half open.

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