Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marina Bay Sands " Wonder Full" Show To Celebrate Local Singapore Talent

Light and Water spectacular showcases best of Singapore musicians across two generations

Singapore (February 11, 2011) – Marina Bay Sands is set to celebrate Singapore’s local talents through its spectacular multimedia extravaganza, Wonder Full, which will feature laser, light, water movements and graphics.

Wonder Full aims to infuse state-of-the-art technological mastery with Singapore’s very own talents across two generations. This incredible ensemble is led by renowned Singaporean composer Iskandar Ismail and maestro / conductor Darrell Ang.

The made-in-Singapore performance also brings together budding musical talents together. These include child prodigy violinist Gabriel Ng, 16, Singapore Idol Finalist Joakim Gomez, 19, and the talented 16-year-old Amni Musfirah. Their musical accomplishments at such a young age deem them the perfect fit for the musical composition of Wonder Full, which includes an original music score created by Iskandar.

This original composition is part of the 13-minute Wonder Full performance, which will be performed on the waters of Marina Bay every night. The creative hand behind this powerful score is Iskandar, who is noted for his works as a music director and composer for several Singapore National Day Parades and most recently as the music producer and composer for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games ceremonies last year.

Working closely with Iskandar is Darrell Ang, Singapore-born maestro and conductor who has international acclaim and has been appointed the “Young Associate Conductor” for The Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Currently based in Europe, Maestro Ang is the winner of the 50th Besancon International Young Conductor’s Competition in 2007. Darrell single handedly beckoned the140 strong Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, which included 10 sopranos,10 altos,8 tenors and 8 basses whilst they recorded the original soundtrack for Wonder Full on location in Slovakia.

Besides accomplished talents, Wonder Full gives the up-and-coming Singaporean talents a platform to showcase their incredible gifts. Gabriel Ng, Singapore’s prodigious child violinist has joined this ensemble of Singaporean talents for Wonder Full. Having studied at the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School in Great Britain since 2005, he came into the national limelight at the mere age of nine when he won Singapore’s National Piano and Violin competition in 2003. On the global platform, he was the winner of the International Andrea Postacchini Violin competition in Italy in 2007 at the age of 13.

The original soundtrack for Wonder Full will also include a rendition of one of Louis Armstrong’s recognizable works, ‘What a Wonderful World’ which was performed by Singapore Idol Finalist, Joakim Gomez and Amni Musfirah, the 16 year old who performed a solo ballad rendition at the Youth Olympic Games.

Wonder Full is set to be a 13-minute show that will enthrall audiences as they are taken on a journey that explores humanity and the wonders of life. This visually enticing musical will light up the skies of the Marina Bay area seven days a week when it opens to public. Viewers will be entertained twice a night from Sundays to Thursdays and three times a night on Fridays and Saturdays.

Wonder Full can be viewed from the Events Plaza at Marina Bay Sands entertainment venue featuring adjustable platforms. The venue provides the best vantage points to view the show with all its sights, sounds and technological effects.

Timings of the show will be revealed shortly.


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