Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mindfest At The Singapore Science Centre March 22 to April 1st

MindFest is an annual festival, organised by the Science Centre Singapore with the aim to bring together “playful inventors” of all ages.  Now into its 6th year at the Science Centre,  participants of MindFest 2011 can choose from several exciting activities listed below.
Mindfest 2011 will be open to schools from 22 March to 25 March and 29 March to 1 April and will be open to the public on 26 and 27 March.

Cardboard AutomataAir Cannon  

Ever thought of blowing out candles without using your own breath? Or, toppling a foam cup from a distance with a puff of air? Now you can! Build your own “air power” box to explore the behaviour of air vortices, and WOW! your friends.



Air Rocket 

Using simple materials, design and craft a rocket powered by air. The “fuel” is the air surrounding us. Learn how to store energy in this air fuel. With a devastatingly simple launching chamber design, fly your rocket into the blue yonder! You will never expect that such an uncomplicated air-powered machine can rise so high.


Feeling “artistic”!? Come draw on an egg or a ping pong ball or a light bulb, without expending hour upon hours of eye- and mind-tiring concentration. Come learn how to do just that at our fun-filled workshops where you will learn basic programming and robotic concepts.Take your creations home and set them on your coffee table or mantelpiece. Amaze your friends.

Light PaintingLight-Catcher Box 

Aren’t light displays simply captivatingly fascinating? Using simple materials, you can now create your very own box to “capture light”. Let your creativity design amazing light patterns. Decorate your own light-catcher box. Dazzle your friends with this unique home decoration!

Marble MachinesLight Painting 

Can you paint with light? Of course you can! Using long-exposure-time image-capture technology, your movements can be captured in a single photograph. Combine your movements with light and you can produce a unique work of art. Come create with air as your canvas and light as your paintbrush!

Paper Planes


Want to program your own computer game but not sure where to start? Try Scratch! With it, programming is done through simple mouse clicks, without finger-cramping keyboarding. It’s so easy to use, you simply jump right into it and design some amazing games!

Spin Racer

How many toys can you make using rubber bands? Unleash the power of elasticity and explore a variety of innovative and creative toys. Play them on the spot, then bring home to amaze your family and friends.

Wind Tubes 

Have you ever wondered what make airplanes fly? Build your own “aircraft” with easy-to-get materials such as papers, rubber bands, plastic containers, etc, to discover if your design spins, flies or floats in unusual ways inside a wind tube. The gush of air in the wind tube will determine if your amazing air craft crashes or soars!


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