Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prosperity And Good Fortune Coming For The Chinese New Year at the Singapore Flyer

Be blessed with prosperity and good fortune this Chinese New Year at the brand new $10-million revamped Singapore Flyer.  Every blessing awaits you and your family at the Singapore Flyer’s Signature Auspicious Trail which promises to harness the right Chi or the cohesive flow of position energy that guarantees prosperity, good fortune and longevity.

Visitors will receive Heaven Chi when their capsule hits its peak of 165 metres. After the 30-minute flight on the architectural marvel, be blessed with Earth Chi at the Wishing Well. And complete the Auspicious Trail by tossing coins and sounding the Lucky Gong to improve Human Chi. This triple blessing of Chi will ensure that you leap into the Year of the Rabbit filled with prosperity, wealth and happiness!

Visitors will be made even happier when they experience the newly-revamped Singapore Flyer. The comprehensive $10 million revamp, which will be unveiled in January 2011, promises to transform the Singapore Flyer into a world-class lifestyle destination of choice for visitors, offering the best views, waterfront living and fabulous dining. Guests boarding the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel will now be entertained by a swanky pre-flight experience which showcases the Singapore Story. This will be told via a state-of-the-art multimedia extravaganza featuring interactive animation, advanced technology and augmented reality - right up to the embarkation deck. The Singapore Story continues onboard the scenic flight as visitors will be mesmerized by amazing views of the past, present and future of the island Republic, all in the comfort of the air-conditioned capsules.

To keep the Chinese New Year blessings flowing, the Singapore Flyer has left no stone unturned to make its venue a “must-visit’’ for the entire family.

Photo-taking enthusiasts will be thrilled as the façade of the iconic waterfront attraction will be teeming with festive spring flowers, an 83-metre “Chun Dao’ light-up, a 12-metre inflatable giant Cai Shen Ye and various entertainments such as the traditional lion dance and a roving God of Fortune.

chinese_new_year_2011_singapore_flyer.jpgThere will be a visual feast for all on 16 January 2011 as sixteen overseas participating teams from International Lion Dance competition 2011 will put up an impressive act to entertain visitors and liven up the iconic attraction in authentic Chinese New Year fashion.

Guests who want to usher in the Year of the Rabbit with the traditional Lo Hei can do so in specially-arranged capsules. So do bring your family members or office colleagues to toss “Yu Sheng’’ in style and when you’re literally on top of the world!

Follow up with a fabulous meal at the Flyer’s new lifestyle waterfront dining promenade as well as the various dining opportunities at the Singapore Food Trail.

This food fiesta seeks to tell the Singapore food story by transporting visitors back to the 1960s, when Singapore gained independence. Themed street food stalls and kiosks offering the most popular of local fare such as Bak Kut Teh, Satay and Bak Chor Mee will charm you, fill and warm your bellies.

Festive goodies await all full-paying flight ticket holders. Receive a Signature Auspicious Trail booklet, red packets, a return 1-for-1 voucher and a chance to win $888 in Singapore Flyer capsule treasure hunt.

With great food, great entertainment, and great views, there is truly an amazing time in store for everyone! That’s the Singapore Flyer’s Chinese New Year wish to everyone as we usher in the Year of the Rabbit.

For more information, please contact IMSG, PR Consultants for Singapore Flyer at Tel: 6786 1511 / 1611


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