Thursday, February 3, 2011

Resorts World Sentosa Singapore Equals Fail

By Joseph Carter From his Blog RWS&USS News

Beware the following is a rant.....(I may have lost the plot)

Resorts World Sentosa have now demonstrated they are a total failure of a company, they not only can't run a theme park, they don't have the first clue on how to take care of customers.

It has to be the laziest excuse for a company going. Naivety is RWS biggest problem. They are unprepared, they think guests wont complain, they think the name UNIVERSAL will automatically ensure people are having a great time. WRONG.

The PR department couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag. Making textbook mistakes on the RWS facebook page, commenting on guest posts with uneducated and pointless responses. Rule number 1 for any communications team, only reply when you have something to say.

Indicated here you can see how RWS reply, totally ignoring my comments and repeating what they and myself have already posted. Also they try to indicate that I actually DONT understand what a soft opening is...but let me assure you, I have been involved with Theme Parks from the age of 6 so I KNOW!

Joseph Carter Let me get this straight. You announce opening and the annual pass holders special preview nights on the 18th and 19th...yet you are actually already letting regular guests on before the AP event. Some preview that is. RWS can't even organise the REopening of a ride properly. Seem fair to let regular guests ride before you promised AP holders they will get sneak previews? Well done...

3 hours ago via iPhone ·  · 

    • Resorts World at Sentosa Hi Joseph, prior to the official reopening, there will be a soft-opening period, which is a common practice in the theme park industry. During this period, limited number of in-park guests will be allowed to experience the ride during random test cycles each day.
      2 hours ago ·  · 

    • Joseph Carter I am aware of what a soft opening is, Maybe this soft opening should have been for AP only as sneak preview. Or possibly having the sneak preview prior to the soft opening. Hardly seems like a preview if the regular guests can possibly access (whether it's at select times or not) the ride before the AP holders have their preview.
      2 hours ago · 

    • Greg Semon Just shaking my head.
      about an hour ago ·  · 

    • Resorts World at Sentosa Hi Joseph, thanks for your feedback, and it's great that you are aware of what a soft opening phase is. Then we're sure you'd be understanding towards this period, where the ride may be shut down to make technical or operational improvements. Guests may not be necessarily able to experience Battlestar Galactica during the soft-opening period, or they may be able to experience one of the Battlestar Galactica coasters but not the other. But're we looking forward to the 21st, when the ride is open to the public!
      about an hour ago ·  

As a vocal publisher of RWS related information and reviews etc, I am consistently being buttered up by RWS. But it doesn't work on me, I am not going to be nicey nicey about a company that frankly doesn't know its ass from its elbow. The secretive and foolish lack of communication earlier in the year in regards to Halloween Horror Nights, lead to outrage from nearly all fans. The naive facebook team that was then hired are not even proactive enough to post regular blogs (once every 3 weeks?) and more often than not 3rd party bloggers are way ahead of them posting news and updates sometimes a week before RWS pulls their fingers out and notifys the public themselves.

The consistent laziness of posting about special events only a week before they take place, giving the average tourist little to no time to plan. Planning is so important to the average person organising a vacation, but RWS can't seem to grasp (much to the dismay of fans) that you need to notify guests of events or new schedules at least a month in advance. You cant even book hotels or tickets more than 90 days in advance on the RWS website, which is ludicrous. I can book a Disney holiday for 2012.....? Common sense doesn't come into play.

I am being constantly told, we take feedback seriously, we are doing all we can, after I posted two reports (CLICK HERE TO READ) pointing out the utter failure of maitainence at USS, NOTHING has been done to improve this, with staff generally looking even more fed up on my last visit. RWS have so far failed their staff too, with pay cuts aplenty and the failure to even pay employees some months. And after seeing the condition of the park, I hate to think what working conditions backstage are like. At this point I wouldn't don't even blame the staff for looking miserable. I wouldn't be surprised if they went on strike.

1.The atrocious Countdown Party, designed to entertain the easily impressed.
2. pitiful attempt to apologise for the Halloween debacle
3. naieve management.
4. lazy maintainence.
5. pseudo "preview" for annual pass holders with BSG.
6. bad treatment of staff by management.
7. sub-par entertainment offerings
8. total lack of competent customer services.
9. Obvious reliance on First Timers (who haven't been to Disney Parks or Other Universal Parks)
10.see photo below.

And NO lessons have been learnt yet. What more will it take before RWSentosa get their act together and start behaving like a five star resort rather than the poor cousin of Walt Disney.

At this rate its going to take a miracle (or the continual flow of theme park virgins) to ensure a future for RWSentosa.

I think I have made my point....if you haven't understood me...just take a look at this.

the globe, the grand entrance, the symbol of Universal, an inspiring opening......well it has been BROKEN FOR nearly HALF A YEAR...unfixed. Says it all really...they really don't care do they?

(What do You think add your comment below thanks to Joseph Carter for letting me reprint this on my blog Bigbears)


den said...

wow, the management really seems terrible. after a relatively good start, i've seen nothing but complaints from AP holders. tbh, the culture in local firms are roughly mostly the same, very top-down approach. they don't respect customers and despite all the "we treat all feedback seriously", they fail to show it. i can understand your situation of frustration and thank god i didnt apply for the AP

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