Friday, February 25, 2011


Organised by the Singapore Art Museum, the third edition of the Singapore Biennale (SB2011), Open House, kicks off with a roar as key details on The Merlion Hotel by acclaimed Japanese artist, Tatzu Nishi, are unveiled.


Tatzu Nishi‟s The Merlion Hotel is one of many key commissioned pieces of Southeast Asia‟s leading Biennale, held in Singapore from 13 March to 15 May 2011. This one-of-a-kind installation piece will transform Singapore‟s beloved iconic landmark into a temporary and luxurious hotel suite, open in the day for public viewing and in the evening for overnight stays.

The Merlion Hotel has also received generous sponsorship from corporate and government organisations. Credit Suisse AG (under its partnership with the Singapore Art Museum Credit Suisse: Innovation in Art Series), The Fullerton Heritage and the Singapore Tourism Board are Key Sponsors of The Merlion Hotel, while JPL Consultants is a Sponsor. The Urban Redevelopment Authority is a Venue Partner, while The Fullerton Hotel Singapore will have a dedicated team providing the hospitality for The Merlion Hotel to complete the luxury hotel stay experience.

The hotel will take in reservations from 28 February 2011. Members of the public can book a one-night stay between 4 April to 5 May for two adults at the special rate of $150 nett. The hotel is fully furnished with a double-bed, bathroom, amenities, personalised room check-in, dedicated Merlion Hotel Butler as well as breakfast at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. All guests will also receive a delightful welcome basket – compliments of the Singapore Biennale 2011 organiser the Singapore Art Museum and The Merlion Hotel key sponsors.

An exciting promotion – the I Should Stay at The Merlion Hotel contest – allows the public to win a complimentary night‟s stay at the hotel on the first and last nights of the Biennale (13 March and 15 May respectively). In this contest, members of the public have to submit personal stories of not more than 100 words, explaining why they deserve to win an overnight stay at the hotel. Submissions will be judged by the artist Tatzu Nishi and the organiser of the Biennale. Further details are appended in Annex B. Other promotions are being planned and will be announced when the Biennale opens.

The artist would like to provide as many members of the public the opportunity to stay in the hotel. Director of the Singapore Art Museum, Mr Tan Boon Hui said, “In keeping with his wishes, and the Merlion‟s position as a an iconic sculptural landmark, through the reservation system and various promotional campaigns, the Singapore Art Museum has tried to make available The Merlion Hotel to as many members of the public as possible to enjoy an overnight‟s stay at. We are confident that many will eagerly look forward to this unique experience.”

Mr Tan added, “The Singapore Art Museum is pleased to work with with our long-term partner Credit Suisse AG, the Singapore Tourism Board, the Fullerton Heritage and JPL Construction to bring this extraordinary experience to the public. Through their coordinated efforts, we are able to present this unique opportunity for the enjoyment of Singaporeans and visitors alike. This promises to be a stay to remember.”


Instead of the proposed light work at Marina Bay, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, renowned for his large scale public interactive works, will now create an impressive and interactive installation entitled Frequency and Volume which enables viewers to tune in and listen to different Singapore radio stations by casting shadows of themselves on a long wall of Old Kallang Airport. A computerized tracking system detects their shadows. By using the position and size of their shadows to scan radio frequencies and control volume respectively, the viewers can listen in on various FM or AM radio stations, as well as other frequencies including short wave, CB and radio navigation.


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