Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lightning McQueen debuts at Hong Kong Disneyland to Rev Up Summer Fun with Guests

(Hong Kong, May 30, 2011) Lights, camera, action! DisneyPixar movie “Cars 2” will surely rock the town this summer! Not only will this spectacular movie hit theatres this summer, but from June 10 to August 31, the super star, Lightning McQueen, will be making his debut at Hong Kong Disneyland with his friends during the Park’s 5th anniversary. He will be starring in the all-new, interactive Lightning McQueen LIVE!, where his pit crew ramp up the excitement as Guests are invited to party with Lightning and take photos with the international legend! Guests may also Race Around the World to meet with racing stars, taste some international cuisine and collect passport stamps from different exotic photo destinations around the world. Guests can also test their secret agent abilities in each country with the Cars Secret Mission.
“Disney friends have always been popular and our Guests enjoy meeting them in the Park. As you can expect when there is a long awaited movie showing in theaters, its characters also enjoy high popularity. Last year, we saw the popularity of Woody and Buzz Lightyear increased fivefold according to our Guests survey results for the same period, thanks to the screening of the summer hit ‘Toy Story 3’,” said Vincent Wong, Marketing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.
“As we have the DisneyPixar Movie “Cars 2” coming this summer, we are bringing its leading character “Lightning McQueen” to appear in the Park for the first time with some other special secret agents. We have also launched an interactive Cars Secret Mission to provide a fun and entertaining summer experience for our Guests,” added Wong.
Lightning McQueen LIVE! Accelerates Summer Fun
Lightning McQueen is zooming to Hong Kong Disneyland to debut in his own show, Lightning McQueen LIVE! Before competing in the first-ever World Grand Prix, Lightning is partying with Guests as the Disney pit crew rev up the summer dance party and gives Guests a chance to take a photo with the star himself. Snap it quick, before he zooms away! Ka-chow!
Hit the road and Race Around the World!
The racing stars from “Cars 2” will be showing their charm at Hong Kong Disneyland this summer as they Race Around the World. The Cars stars will be awaiting Guests at four international photo locations, including Japan’s luxurious Ginza, the beautiful Italian coast and the Euro-chic streets of London and Paris. Guests may also grab a Secret Agent Passport and track the characters as they collect exclusive passport stamps from each location. Don’t forget to try some delicious grab-and-go snacks, ranging from Roasted English Honey Sausage, Sushi Roll, French Mini Puff Skewer and delicious Tiramisu – this will surely complete the summer jet-setting experience for Guests!
What does it take to be a secret agent?
Guests can take the secret agent test to find out if they are a professional secret agent like “Mater”! By using the Secret Agent Passport QR Code at each location, C.H.R.O.M.E Secret Mission Headquarters will track the status of each secret agent and will reveal the status level after Guests have visited all four countries and completed each mission successfully. Upon receiving the personalized secret agent certificate, Guests can continue their adventures online.
Be sure not to miss the high-acclaimed Flights of Fantasy Parade and Tinker Bell’s Castle specially created for the 5th anniversary Celebration in the Air. Tinker Bell is looking forward to meeting Guests in the park to ensure that the magic continues to be magnified throughout this exciting summer!
Duffy’s Racer Outfit Hits Stores this Summer
To celebrate the debut of “Cars 2”, the Park is presenting over 80 new “Cars 2 merchandise items, including t-shirts, accessories, toys and stationery. Duffy is also getting ready for the race with his brand new racer outfit.
Special Collector Cards Exclusive for Magic Access Members and Annual Passholders
This summer, Hong Kong Disneyland has prepared a set of nine[1] chic special edition collector’s cards for those Magic Access members and Annual Passholders who take part in the Race Around the World. Members and Passholders can redeem their cards at the Magic Access Gift Redemption Counter by presenting valid Magic Access membership card or Annual Pass. Collect a full set now!
“Pixar: 25 Years of Animation” exclusive ticket offer
This year marks the 25th anniversary of Pixar Animation and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is holding a special exhibit featuring the creations of Pixar. This includes all the old favorites, but also the new and un-released creations, such as Cars 2 characters. Guests who hold tickets from the Pixar exhibit can receive 10% off of a regular priced Hong Kong Disneyland ticket[2]. This offer is valid from June 1 to July 12, 2011[3].
Tickets are available at Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Express in MTR Hong Kong Station, the Hong Kong Disneyland Main Entrance, The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland at Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Disneyland Ticketing Booth at The Peak Tower, All Circle K outlets, selected Travel Agents  and Avenue of Stars Kiosks in Tsim Sha Tsui. Simply visit www.hongkongdisneyland.com or call Disney Reservation Center at +852 1830 830 for more details on tickets and hotel reservation.


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