Monday, May 16, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore Rumor Mill

Here are some rumors that have come my way. So take it with a grain of salt.

Transformer's  is on track for opening by the end of the year. I asked them you mean Jan or Feb or 2012. Was told "no by the end of the year".

Annual Passes are the big topic right now at USS. Looks like the price could come down on Superstar pass. Plus there could be a lower renewal price for Superstar and Fun Pass holders. But was told they are still in talks about it. I would still like to see a Singapore Residents AP to help bring in more Singaporean's into the park.With most of people passes expiring on July 4th 2011 they better get going on figuring this out.

You are still not going to see more night hours after the Grand Opening. I was told that the response to night time hours has not been encouraging to USS when they have had them. Also they are finding that people who are coming to the park are not riding Battlestar as much as the thought.  For me I think it's more they just don't have the local market figured out yet. For Singaporean's you need a lower price for them, it's just to expensive to take a family to the park.

That's it for the Rumor Mill


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