Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guest Service at Universal Studios Singapore There is no Guest Services for Annual Passes Holders

As you can see I haven't been posting much on my blog why there just nothing to post till now.

As you all know as Annual Pass Holders who purchased a AP when Universal Studios Singapore first opened your AP has expired.  So you would think that before they expired you would have been notified and told what it's going to cost to renew your pass. But here we are two day after a lot of people passes have expired not a word from Resorts World Sentosa on the cost to renew you pass for USS.

This again shows how poor the Guest Relation is at Universal Studios Singapore and the company that runs it Resorts World Sentosa. You have guest that want to renew there passes but RWS is not saying a word but watch for the e-mail about.  What e-mail?

Over and Over again RWS show they have no clue on how to run a major theme park. It's time for RWS to fire there management and find people that know how a major theme park should work. I have asked for 5 days now on there Facebook page what is going on. They answer other people question but they well not answer the people that are asking about Annual Pass renewal.

RSW has known about this day and has done nothing to show they even care about the people that are fans of Universal Studios Singapore and want to support it by putting out money for their over priced Annual Passes. Hello is anyone home at Resort World Sentosa.


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