Monday, May 25, 2009


It's 1962. The heyday of heartthrobs, hot dates and hangin' ten! These teenyboppers twist and shout in front of a live studio audience on the summer sensation: Kowabunga Kove - brought to you by RWS-TV - where it's paradise 365 days a year!

BURNT REYNOLDS (175cm/5'9” - 182cm/6'0”) The Host of Kowabunga Kove. This charismatic television personality has one goal in mind - to have a blast… even with severe sunburn! With a fun, corny attitude, this media magnet carries the show from beginning to end. A compelling triple threat is required for this baritone role.

POLLY ESTER (155cm/5'1” - 163cm/5'4”) This full-figured ingĂ©nue needs a big voice. The most popular girl in school is an audience favorite. Obsessed with her style, hair, and on-camera crush - this larger than life musical theatre performer really knows how to cut a rug. A strong vocal belt is required.

STING RAY (172cm/5'8” - 180cm/5'11”) Black male singer who is comfortable singing Gospel, Blues, and Pop music. This `triple threat' needs to be a powerhouse performer with excellent rhythm and vocal skills to match. A strong tenor with an expressive face and magnetic personality, essential.

(MALIBU) DARBY (162cm/5'4” - 170cm/5'7”) The `fairest of the them all'. This true `Tom-Boy' plays the glamorous “Malibu Darby” on screen, and is just plain `Darby' when the cameras aren't rolling. This strong alto provides broad comic relief, and flirtatious moments.

KEN DAHL (177cm/5'10” - 185cm/6'1”) Arguably the biggest teen star on the airwaves, this heartthrob has found his audience. This Teen Idol declares `himself' the poster boy for all tweenyboppers - and the world agrees! With a hip swagger, wink, and a thousand watt smile, this Pop star is a tenor with great vocal range.

PEACHY KEEN (165 cm/5'5” - 172cm/5'8”) Black female with Gospel, Soul, Pop singing ability, similar to the Queen of Soul. Passionate, outspoken and loving, this undisputed icon is a true television star! Must have great rhythm and extensive movement ability.


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