Monday, May 25, 2009


A group of enthusiastic twenty-something's (with dreams of worldwide celebrity) are given their `big break' to become the coolest guy group in the late-60's. Set to big band music, these fraternity brothers are on a mission to rock the world one screaming fan at a time.

ZACH (182cm/6'0” - 190cm/6'3”) The Ladies Man. The group's leader, and stellar part singer with strong acting skills. Ol' Blue Eyes is his crooning hero and he does one hell of an impersonation. Athletic, smooth, playful and charming.

CASEY (175cm/5'9” - 182cm/6'0”) The Sensitive One. Influenced by current crooner, this strong part singer with solid acting skills has a sweet, soulful voice that makes every girl melt. Shy (until he opens his mouth), smart, adorable and wide-eyed.

BOOMER (177cm/5'10” - 185cm/6'1”) The Heartthrob. With a young Hollywood matinee idol vibe, the world is about to discover his perfect pitch and movie star qualities. Strong acting skills. Handsome, clean cut, cool - and a little dim.

FINK (170cm/5'7” - 177cm/5'10”) The Funny One. Prone to eye rolling and blank takes, this prankster does one mean “Candy Man” routine. Strong acting skills a must. Slick, clever, spirited, witty. (African-American needed.)


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