Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some thought's about Singapore

I have Posted a Map of Sentosa Island. The pink area is the Resort area where Universal Studios,Hotels and Casino will be.

Sentosa Island is very easy to get to. Singapore has a very good bus system. Singapore MRT system is fast and also easy to us. You need to take the MRT to Harbor Front MRT. Once you get off you are at VivoCity Mall go to the 3nd floor and take the Monorail To Sentosa Island,cost is $3.00sg for all day of riding. Price may change as Universal open because they are adding longer train to the monorail.

Taxi are very expensive here in Singapore. Taxi from Changi Airport will run you around $30.00sg to $45.00sg. Also after the MRT closes at 12:00am the taxi will have a added surcharge. Some thing you need to know about the Taxi Drivers,they will pick and chose if they want to take you to your destination. They will ask where you want to go then say I'm off duty or I don't go there. The MRT Does run from the Airport.

Changi Airport is one of the most modern airport you will see. First after getting off your plane you will head to Customs. On your flight you will receive a Custom Form to fill out. Once your at Customs you will give your passport and form to the Customs Agent. US passport holders will receive 90 day visa. Since I'm a US citizen I don't know how many day other country's get.

After you go though Customs you will go to baggage claim to pick up your luggage. Then head though Customs for bag check. Warning Do Not Bring Illegal Drugs into Singapore you will get the Death Penalty for bring them into the country. Also do not bring in Cigarette into Singapore,they are heavily duty here, even if you got them at Duty Free Shop at another airport you will pay duty in Singapore.

So that give you a little look into Singapore, more to come in the following day. One thing I want you all to know is Singapore is a Very Safe and Clean City.

If you like for me to answer any Question you have about Singapore or Universal Studio. Pleas leave a comment. I will be more then happy to answer it.

Thanks Have a Great Day!!!!!!

Sentosa Island in a larger map


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