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Universal Studios Singapore - 7 Themes, 24 Attractions, 18 World Firsts

By Donn Richard
October 2009

Pack up the kids, load the wagon and let’s hightail it over to....wait for it....UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Singapore!!!

Can you believe it? A big chunk of California Dreaming plopped right down here in little ol’ Singapore!

We haven’t seen excitement like this since the Gold Rush of ’49! And let’s face it; unlike the folks in those times, everyone who’s got their nickel for a ticket is going to strike GOLD!

A great big “thank you” to Resorts World at Sentosa for pulling no punches and making their message: “We Are THE Region’s Ultimate Family Destination” truer than tarnation.

Try this on for size. Universal Studios Singapore has announced that it will offer tickets cheaper than any other Universal Studios Theme Park in the World. As an added bonus, Universal Studios Singapore has the world’s first and only “Far Far Away Castle” from the world of “Shrek and Madagascar”! Donn Richard can just see those kids a hoopin’and a hollerin’ to beat the band!

October 20th, in the presence of world media, Resorts World at Sentosa unveiled 24 magnificent attractions within 7 unique movie themed zones; 18 of these fantastic attractions never seen before anywhere but at Universal Studios Singapore. Mesmerizing, fast and furious water chases were also held by professional stuntmen of Waterworld - what a show!

Has all the excitement given you a bodacious appetite? Not to worry none - 10 restaurants and dozens of snack carts will be blooming throughout this theme park like Rocky Mountain wildflowers.

Talk about the mother of all Universal Parks!

Had enough yet? Well hold on. Along with the cheapest entry fee of all Universal Studios Parks, it also boasts the largest collection of DreamWorks attractions! Think of it. Save your money AND see the creations of the one and only Steven Spielberg!

This is what RWS’s CEO Mr Tan Hee Teck had to say: “We are excited about our relationship with DreamWorks Animation and Universal Studios Parks & Resorts, and I am sure that many Asian visitors will be too, when they see Universal Studios Singapore bring to life two of DreamWorks Animation’s most successful box-office franchises” – beautiful news this is indeed Mr Tan Hee Teck!

There will be 7 movie themed zones at Universal Studios Singapore.

Zone 1: Hollywood Boulevard. This zone is closest to Resorts World at Sentosa’s Monorail Station and “the Strip” and also serves as entrance and exit to the entire Park.

Here you will find a theatre, 6 specialty stores; including Universal Studios very own flagship store, and two eateries.

One of the park’s biggest indoor theatres is located in this zone. It’s the 1,500 seat “Pantages Hollywood Theater” especially equipped to showcase big musical productions – Broadway style. You just can’t beat a good Broadway Show.

Zone 2: New York. This great zone will feature a sound and special effects stage, a movie production stage, and two eateries. Well, what did you expect? A great zone for a great city!

Premiering in Singapore: “Lights! Camera! Action - Hosted by Steven Spielberg”. Witness New York hit by a major hurricane. Now that I’d like to see!

Then there’s “Stage 28” also making its debut in Singapore. This incredible stage will feature films and props and will allow for a sneak peek behind the scenes of real movie production - Hollywood style. Got a budding director in your brood? Well, what are you waiting for?

Zone 3: Sci-Fi City. Fans of roller coaster rides will love this zone. It will feature the world’s tallest dueling Roller Coasters: “Human” & “Cylon” and “Accelerator” plus “Sci-Fi City” – a future metropolis for science-fiction buffs.

Battlestar Gallactica is the next evolution of roller coasters. First, there’s “Human”, something we traditionalists will appreciate. Old style, thrilling and well-mannered. Well, as well-mannered as a coaster can be.

Then there’s “Cylon”. What can I say. Give this one a wide berth if you’ve got even a hint of heart-trouble. Heck, give this monster a wide berth if you’re just faint-hearted! Suspended, fast...think I’ll leave it to the youngsters.

Unsure of your stamina? Test it on the “Accelerator” – the third attraction of Battlestar Gallactica. Don’t forget to check out what awaits you and yours a few years down the road at Sci-Fi City.

And… the surprise of all surprises is… you’ve guessed it: "TRANSFORMERS – The Ride" – debuting in2011; not in the US or Japan, but in Singapore, folks!

Zone 4
: Ancient Egypt. This zone is a must-visit zone for every “Mummy” movie fan. It will feature a vintage car track, the indoors Mummy coaster ride, a souvenir shop and two eateries.

Also home of the world’s favourite mummy. This Mummy will unleash its curse onto every visitor taking the ride of their lives in the “Revenge of the Mummy” Coaster ride, guaranteed to chill the most macho visitor.

“Treasure Hunters” is another of the 18 world premieres. Here you Egyptologists can drive your very own vintage car through rough excavation terrain. Having spent some time in the Land of the Pharaohs, Donn personally guarantees that this here’s the next best thing.

Zone 5: The Lost World. This is a tried and tested two-zone within one zone “Waterworld & Jurassic Park”. This gigantic zone, probably the biggest in the park, will feature a stunt show, a rock climb, a dragonfly sky ride, a coaster ride, a water ride, two souvenir shops, and the park’s only food court. Whew!

“Waterworld” stunt show. This show takes place in the outdoor amphitheatre capable of seating 1,014 people. This show is all about death-defying stunts, fast and furious water chases, and thunderous explosions.

Want some serious exploration? The “Amber Rock Climb” will be the attraction for you.

Another world premiere and another attraction that requires some serious exploration, only this time it’s for kids and its high up in the sky. It’s called “Dino-Soarin” - Kids will fly their very own dragonflies!

Another world first also involving some high flying: the “Canopy Flyer”. For the young at heart!

Last but not least “Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure”, also a world first. Here you board a water raft to an unknown destination in the Jurassic compound.

Zone 6: Far Far Away. This uber exciting zone will feature an interactive live show, a miniature ferriswheel, an Ogre Vision special effects theatre, a roller-coaster, a souvenir shop, and two eateries.

By Golly, can you rightly believe it? My two favourite characters (and I’ll bet yours, too), good ol’Shrek and Donkey will be a settin’there just ready and willin’ to say “howdy”.

“Enchanted Airways”. Here you can enjoy a birds-eye-view of the castle by boarding the junior roller coaster and entering the world of “Shrek”. Premiering in Singapore is “Donkey Live”. Have you ever interacted with a Donkey? Now is the time. Only here you can do it in an intimate theatre setting!

Yet, another world first,” Magic Potion Spin”, specially designed for the younguns, this miniature ferriswheel guarantees a time they will never forget.

Just when you think ENOUGH! Universal Studios Singapore brings you more: “Shrek 4-D Adventure”. In the Ogre Vision Special Effects theatre you will be expected to help save Princess Fiona. The question is: can you? Get on over there and find out!

Zone 7: Madagascar. Themed around the DreamWorks animation hit movie that goes by the same name “Madagascar”. This zone will feature a carousel, a riverboat adventure, a Madagascar souvenir shop and two eateries.

World’s first “King Julien’s Beach party-Go-Round Carousel” featuring all your favourite Madagascar characters.

Also a world first is the river boat “A Crate Adventure”. Here you can board the boat with your friends Gloria, Melman, Marty and Alex for a ride of a lifetime that includes moving show-action effects, special sound effects while watching state-of the-art animated figures digitally projected on a screen.

Lots of thick jungle in the Madagscar zone – don’t forget your mosquito repellents!

Mr Tan Hee Teck, CEO of Resorts World Sentosa, said: “We are in the final stages of construction, and for those who have had a sneak preview of Universal Studios Singapore taking shape, it has been an unanimous response that this is going to be a ‘must-see’ when Resorts World Sentosa opens early next year.’’

“Universal Studios Singapore will be its own unique experience and family destination with many new rides, shows and themes that can’t be found at other Universal Studios parks around the world,” said Tom Williams, chairman and CEO, Universal Parks & Resorts. “Universal’s attention to location-specific creative and design promises to deliver first-time Singapore guests as well as devoted Universal Studios visitors that enjoyed other global locations—an exciting,
different and memorable experience,” added Williams.


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