Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oct. Record Month for Sentosa Theme Park Blog Thank you All

From the Desk of: Bigbearsg

Here it is already November, with less then 90 day till the soft opening of Universal Studio's Singapore (more or less Resorts World at Sentosa is not talking). November should be a busy month with announcement from RWS, Sentosa Island and other attraction in Singapore for Christmas Time events.

Here at Sentosa Theme Park Blog we will keep you up to date on all the news coming out of Resorts World at Sentosa and Universal Studio's Singapore. I should be updating the picture around the 9th of November and this time more video of the site. I just got a HD Flip camera so watch out Sentosa I'm armed with a Video Camara.

October was a record braking month for Sentosa Theme Park Blog with over 5,600 views for the month. I can't say thank you enough, I can't believe that since starting the blog in May of this year the site has reached close to 19,000 views so far. Thanks to you All!!!!!!!!!!

Have to give big shout out's to Screamscape ,The Walt Disney Boards and CBMR - Clube Brasileiro de Montanhas-Russas (Brazil) that have sent a lot of you to Sentosa Theme Park Blog. Also to the Other Blogs and Sites that post link to the site (you can find links to their sites on the left hand side of the Blog ). Thanks!!!!

Again Thank You all for taking the time to view Sentosa Theme Park Blog


Anonymous said...

We will be waiting for your video on the theme park! ^^

Nicholas Tucker said...

Coaster101 also linked to your blog ( Mind adding a link to our site on your blog? Maybe we can do more features on Universal Studios Singapore. Thanks!

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