Monday, February 1, 2010

Review of Palio Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa

What's up readers of Sentosa Theme Park Blog. This is Hayashi here from the band Moochie Mac & Superfriends and I must say I love theme parks and food. I am damn sure excited about the opening of Universal Studios Singapore. So excited in fact, that whenever I have any free time from recording and all, I would just head to the resort and sample some of the food they have at the already opened restaurants there.

I was writing little reviews on their facebook page when Big Bear approached me one day and said if I would like to write reviews of restaurants on his blog. Immediately, I thought, what a cool idea. Now I have something else to contribute to the world apart from my music. I LOVE YOU WORLD!!! Wow, ahem, too much coffee there. Without further ado, here's a review of Palio in Hotel Michael.

I, along with a partner, visited Palio two weekends ago looking for some great Italian food. Upon entering the restaurant, a nice lady greeted us and showed us to our seats. I noticed the surroundings immediately. Great decor, very homely and cosy decor and the best thing about this restaurant is that there is an open kitchen. So while waiting for one's food, we could look at the chefs throwing the dough around like the prata man in my neighbourhood coffeeshop and after a few throws, it magically transforms into the crust of the pizza. Kinda cool. Something to occupy one's time while waiting for their food.

We got a table for two. I somehow wished that the tables were more spaced apart as we were seated really closely to the other tables to our left and right. Small issue but if fixed could increase the comfort of its patrons.

I ordered venison while my partner ordered a seafood spaghetti. It's called something else on the menu, but I am not Italian, neither am I a person with great memory, so here you go, seafood spaghetti. Our waiter served us well through out. Great service from him, very keen to please.

The venison I had was not the best I have had before. It was not bad but the mash potatoes that came with it was AMAZING!!! My partner's spaghetti was good. Not fantastic but good. We have one complaint though. Halfway through eating her spaghetti, we noticed there were lil hairs in one of the shell fish. It was really uncommon and we asked another waiter to go get the chef's opinion on it. That waiter took her food to the back and never came back to us with an update on the food. We were left seating there and waiting in confusion. After a while, we asked our initial waiter (the one with the great service) what was going on and he informed us that it was some veins in a shellfish that was not cleaned out properly. He offered to change my partner's main course and we happily agreed.

A turn of events in terms of food starts here. We changed her main course to the Michael Pizza and in less than 10 minutes it arrived. Now this pizza was different from our two initial main course. This one was great. It was one of the best pizzas, I've ever had in my life and I've had pizzas in Venice. This pizza was special. I loved how the cheese was not too much, the ingredients were of the right portion and my favorite kind of pizza. One with a thin crust. How pizzas should be. Great pizza.

The restaurant should stock up on Tabasco sauce though cause they were out on that day. BUT DAMMIT, I DIDN'T NEED TABASCO SAUCE FOR THIS PIZZA!!! IT WAS ALREADY GREAT!!! Sorry about that, I got excited again.

All in all, what started like a bad dining experience was saved by the Michael Pizza. The service was great depending on which waiter you got. Our waiter was amazing through out. The guy that took our spaghetti into the Twilight Zone and never came back with a word, should be trained better. All in all, I see loads of potential for this restaurant as long as they can iron out some of the kinks in their operations. Till next time, fellow Sentosa Theme Park Blog readers, PEACE OUT!!!


Service 10/10 for my waiter, 1/10 for Mr Twilight Zone

Food 9/10 for Michael Pizza, 6/10 for venison and spaghetti

Overall 7/10.

Michael Pizza delivered a fight back to be remembered when it seems that all is lost, helping this restaurant to win the bout by the slimmest of margins. GREAT JOB MICHAEL PIZZA!!!



- said...

how much is the michael pizza and the other dishes?

Hayashi said...

Well the pizza is between $20 and $25 if I am not wrong and the Venison was $30++... Forgive my bad memory... Peace!!!

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