Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stop with The Rumor's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the desk of Bigbearsg

Again Site's are reporting rumor's about when Universal Studios Singapore is going to open. This site is not here to play who's right or wrong. This site is trying to only report what is true.

I'm sure that Resorts World Sentosa would like to scream we are open today. But they can't it's not up to them when they open. USS can't open till the Singapore Government authorities have given them the approval  to open the Park. It could be today,tomorrow,next week or in a month we just don't know till Resorts World Sentosa say we will open on this day. By reporting rumors all you are doing is making people lives harder at RWS.

By reporting the rumor, people are saying to RWS "Will this site or blog is saying you are opening on ____". RWS has to keep telling them "we will announce Soon" etc. Then people start getting up set with RWS because the Park isn't open when the sites or blog say they are. Sites and Blog need to be more responsible for what they are reporting and have a understand of the process and working of other Country Authorities  and how they operate. 

So let not report the rumors. Report the facts. Resorts World Sentosa will announce the open as soon as they can. Sit back and relax till that day comes.

Thank For your Support of Sentosa Theme Park Blog.




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