Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Again Get Ready for More Disappointment from Universal Studios Singapore

IMO by Bigbearsg

I was at Universal Studios Singapore today found out the following

Madagascar A Curate Adventure: Not Opening till THE END OF THE YEAR.
Battlestar Dueling Coasters: Not Opening till the THE END OF THE YEAR

I was told this by both team members and customer service today.

This morning I had a meeting with a reporter from Media Corp. We talk about Resorts World Sentosa and USS. I told the reporter that yes people are upset with Battlestar Dueling Coaster being down and that they just have to have patients with USS. I told her that in a couple of years this well be a great park.

Now I have to take back about the patients part.  USS opened its park with three major rides Battlestar Dueling Coaster, Revenge of the Mummy  and  Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure™. As of this date what do we have.

Battlestar down till the end of the year if we are lucky

Revenge of the Mummy: Working everyday with very few times being down.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure: You take your chances if its working the day you go.

When the park opened we were told that Madagascar would open in June. But now it won't be opening till the end of the year or longer.

So what's the problem? I can't tell you. The major media outlet's in Singapore can't tell you. Why?

The Public Relation Department for Resorts World Sentosa is not speaking to anyone about it. Not to me or any major media. They have taken on the Universals Studios way of customer relation. We take your money then we don't care after that. If you have a problem with a ride being down all the time, we don't care we have your money.  You buy a ticket for the Park but you can't go on that day, to bad we have your money you can't have it back. Your a Annual Pass Holder, to bad so sorry but we have your money to bad you can't ride the rides we said we would have in the first year. And to the Superstar Annual Pass holder, don't you look foolish that you shelled out S$1,100.00 for rides you can't ride.

Universal Studios Singapore is the only theme park I know of that you have to buy a ticket for the day you want to go. If you can't go on that day, to bad no refund or exchanging the ticket for another day.

It's time for Universal Studios Singapore to step up to the plate and tell us what is going on and why the rides are not working and to make it right for the customer and Annual Passholder for all the broken promises on when rides would be on line. Stop hiding behind your doors in Public Relations. Come out and tell us what's going on.

My advise for people who want to come to USS. If you have never been to a theme park,come and enjoy. If  you been to theme park or a fan of Universal or Disney Theme Park, wait till the end of 2011 to come to USS, by then they just mite have all the rides working.


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