Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rumor Alert: New Ride Cars For Battlestar Arrive and Fire inside Madagascar Ride at Universal Studios Singapore ?????????

Rumor Alert

This is being reported on Screamscape a blog in the US. If true why is Universal Studios covering this up??????

As for the rides themselves… I’ve heard from a few other sources about these issues. Battlestar Galactica is getting better it seems, as I’m told that some new cars are arriving at the park for the coaster this week. They will have to begin some extensive testing of the ride again soon to ensure that the problems have been solved. While early testing is likely to happen when the park is closed, it wont be long before daytime testing begins to take place once again.
    As for Madagascar… the story gets a little weird. According to our source, some kind of fire may have broke out inside the attraction, causing some extensive damage to some of the scenes. If that wasn’t bad enough… it seems the entire ride system is a big steaming pile.  The flume system is plagued with technical problems, and I’ve even heard it said that the lifts and chutes for the flume may possibly be removed entirely before they’re done. Anyone know just who built the ride system for this attraction?


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