Saturday, July 3, 2010

Voyage de la Vie at Resorts World Sentosa Singapore or How I lost a Hour and a Half of my Life

By Bigbearsg

Voyage de la Vie or translated "the journey of life". In my point of view, how thankful I was that  the ticket was free as a Superstar Pass holder to Universal Studios Singapore. For me there is nothing new here just reused circus acts that I have seen though the years, put to flashy sets, modern music and pyrotechnics.

Jonathan Leong is the "boy" in the show,that bring a famous name to the stage that people in Singapore and Southeast Asia know. I enjoyed he's  performance in the show, but felt that his talent wasn't used to it's fullest. He's a singer give him something to belt out to bring the audience to their feet. I wanted to see more from him, then just walking around the stage being a stage hand or window dressing for the other acts in the show.

The rest of the acts in the show where the same old circus act you can see at  any circus in the US or Europe. There is nothing new here. The biggest problem with the show, it's was not fluid, there is a lot of down time as some of the acts set up for there next routine. On the night I saw the show July 1st there were still a lot of missed cues from the sound board to the acts. If the show was 30 month in the making, the night I saw it, it looked like it was only 30 days.

If this was a Vegas show you would have found it downtown not on the Vegas Strip. Is it worth seeing for the $68.00 to S$188.00 plus Sictic charge, that is up to you if you like this kind of show then go for it, but for me as a entertainment value it was worth what I paid, nothing.

Photo from Resorts World Sentosa.


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