Friday, September 10, 2010

Free Bus Service to Sentosa Gone for The People who could use it the MOST.

 IMO by Bigbearsg

Today Resorts World Sentosa announced, that they well be stopping the free bus service to the heartlands of Singapore. This happen after the Singapore Government announced that they are doing a probe of the service.

So who is this announcement by RWS going to hurt, by not having the free bus service.

Not the gambler who no matter what are going to gamble. They well pay the S$100.00 entry fee. They can take the MRT,Public Bus, Taxi or their own car. It doesn't mater to them they want to gamble their money and do what ever it take to get to the casinos.

Not the rich or middle class they have the money to take the transportation to and from Sentosa.

So by ending the free bus service the Poor,Students and the Older Person that doesn't  have the income to go to Sentosa now have lost their way there.

There is a lot of thing people can do on Sentosa other then gambling. It's sad that this has been taken away from the people that could have taken advantage of a service like this. 


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