Sunday, September 26, 2010

Has Universal Studios Singapore Given UP?

Over the past few month it looks to me that Resorts World Sentosa has given up on Universal Studios Singapore.

The first is them giving up on Halloween Horror Nights. They haven't said so but at this point of time they haven't publicized it or announced it. I was told last spring that we would see a parade of some kind this fall but I don't see that happening. They have discontinued the Movie Night and you may see the fireworks go away too. 

Watching RWS/USS Facebook Page you see very little about events at USS.

I'm wondering if RWS has given up on USS till they can get Battlestar Dueling Coaster and Madagascar Crate Adventure up and running and they can go from Soft opening to Grand Open sometime next year. I can't see them having the Grand Opening till they have the two rides up and running.

Right now I think USS is happy with just getting the people into the park during the day. It may not be the 13,000 or so the park can handle but just enough to maybe brake even and then wait till they have the rides up and with grand opening they will open the park with longer hours and have the major events like Halloween Horror Nights. 

So what I see from Universal Studios Singapore is no Special Events at the park till that time, that the park go from Soft opening to Grand Opening. USS/RWS continue with just saying no comment till USS wants to tell you what going on.

But the biggest question I have is why haven't RWS come out with the compensations for Annual Passholder they said they would have it out in Sept. With just a few day left in the month is this going to be another broken promise? Are they going to put it off again? 



Mark said...

i agree, im a huge theme park fan and im not getting my moneys worth with this crappy theme park atm...they really need to appeal to a wider audience rather than the casino

Wenjie said...

Likewise, I'm a huge fan of theme park. However, with USS being the "best and only" theme park in Singapore, we seem to have no other choice.
Having USS (for RWS) is already their best effort to appeal to a wider audience... In fact, if they're given a choice.. RWS will rather have a bigger Casino than USS (you can see that not much has been put into for the Genting's Theme park ; at least in my opinion)

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