Friday, September 24, 2010

No Love for Universal Studios Singapore Right Now

What was to be a great new theme park is now a big disappointment. Universal Studios Singapore is getting more and more like the Universal Studios in the US, we don't care about the guest as long as we have your money.

In March Universal Studios Singapore opened with 3 major rides and a forth to be open in June. Battlestar Dueling Coaster went down a week after the park open and now looks like it's not going to be back running till sometime next year. Madagascar Adventure Ride was to open in June but now look like it may open in Dec. of this year or later. USS told Superpass Annual pass holders that they would get a free ticket to Halloween Horror Nights at USS but that has been removed from their list of benefits for the Superpass Holders in Aug.

Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando announce their Halloween Horror Night back in July. In Aug I asked USS if they were going to have HHN at the park was told they are working on it and would announce in Sept. Now here it is Sept 24th and nothing from USS. I was also told that they would announce how they were going to do for Annual Passholder in the way of compensation for the rides being down and the lose of the free ticket to HHN. To this nothing from USS or Resorts World Sentosa who owns the park.

I know that USS is  not having HHN but RWS/USS well not come out and say it. They keep dragging their feet. But here it is late September and nothing is being done in the park for Halloween. The most I see that we get out of it, is maybe some little party for AP holder if that.

The Superstar Pass was S$1,100.00 (about $775.00 US). For that price I could have gotten a AP from Disney for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Parks. That is seven parks I could have gone to for the same amount.

Unlike Disney, if they had this problem they would make it right for the guest but Universal Studios just hide's and say's nothing hoping that the guest will go away. That's the Disney Differences.

I understand that for Resorts World Sentosa their Casino is the number one priority, that's the money maker for them but second should be Universal Studios Singapore. I also understand that most people who go to USS have never been to other parks. So they don't see what little they are getting for their money.

This is not hard, RWS you need to stop hiding behind "we are working on it and well announce when we can" and tells us, that your not having Halloween Horror Nights and this is what we are going to do to make up for it. Tell us that your sorry that the rides are down and tell us why they are down and how you are going to compensate us for not having them. That's all I am asking for.

Right now I'm feeling so ripped off by paying the high price I did and not getting what you said I would get for paying this high price.


melvin said...

Well yeah...
I do have to agree. But they are still in soft-opening mode anyways...

Wenjie said...

Perhaps... It's better to keep quiet.
In my opinion, they just want to say these
"We are sorry for not having the HHN, but we have no plans to do anything about it nor having any compensation. Sorry, tough luck. And as for the rides, we are also extremely sorry that it is down. However, we are not sure they will be up anytime soon, and likewise, we are not looking into any means to compensate you for that. But you know what, you can still get the next year Annual pass at the same price as before!!!
They just find a nicer way to put it.. haha
BTW, I hope I'm wrong..

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